Weekly Playlist

Can my music taste be identified by keeping an archive of what I listen to? Can my taste in music be visualized?

Since the beginning of 2018 I have put together and made available a new, unique playlist every week. Each week features an album cover unique to that week's 'list. Every week has a unique set of 15 songs—no repeats allowed! With these guidelines, I am pushing my creativity and am finding a personal style in both my taste in music and in my visual aesthetic.

New playlists are available every Monday!

Check below to hear what I'm listening to this week 👇 Don't forget to follow the playlist—it's updated weekly with fresh tunes for your ear holes!


2018 Favorites

After a full year of creating weekly playlists, I compiled a truncated 'list of my top 50 songs from the whole year. Did I also create an album cover inspired by some of my favorite styles and songs from the year? You betcha!


2019 Favorites

Back at it again! Here is a 'list of my favorite songs that I listened to in 2019.


Come back next week for more tunes!

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